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Our mission is to provide our clients and partners with high-quality office solutions, conditions, and spaces. Our team consists of professionals in the real estate industry, allowing us to offer our clients our knowledge and experience when choosing solutions that best meet their needs and challenges. We approach each client individually and prepare an offer in the same way. The key to our successful cooperation with clients is flexibility.

The standard we offer Business Link space users should guarantee significant adaptability of the space itself, the available IT infrastructure, or security systems, while keeping administrative matters simple and offering maximum relief. Our spaces are created with the comfort and expectations of employees in mind, always in the transportation hubs of cities, with an emphasis on the environment. We know how to effectively adapt the office to the new way of working.
Ewelina Kałużna
Managing Director Business Link
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We are part of the Skanska Group!
We are part of the Skanska Group - an international, renowned company listed internationally renowned company on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Skanska is one of the world's largest, most significant construction and development companies, which in Poland is engaged in general construction project execution as well as the construction of office buildings and housing. Through the merger and partnership with Skanska, we can provide our clients with office and coworking spaces of the highest standards, in prestigious class-A office buildings in Warsaw, Krakow, Poznan, and Wroclaw.
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Maciej Mazurek
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What we like most about Business Link is their flexible approach to our needs. We’re an organisation that allows for full remote work, and our team is spread across Poland. On the other hand, we enjoy meeting in person. Thanks to BL, we can come to work in many different cities, to comfortable spaces where we can sit together at a table, have a call with a candidate in a booth, or conduct workshops in a rented meeting room. 
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Maciej Kierzek
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We've been working at Business Link for several years, and from day one, we felt right at home. The space and offer perfectly suit our needs as a company that offers its employees a hybrid work mode. The extensive communal areas enable focused work, and the conference facilities support the seamless organization of large training courses or conferences.
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Renata Maszczykowska
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We highly recommend the BL Maraton coworking space in Poznan for several significant reasons.  Firstly, the location in the heart of the city makes commuting easier, which is essential for our employees and clients. Additionally, we are pleased with the availability of the kitchen, which offers a full range of dishes, teas, coffees, and small snacks. Finally, the workstations available at BL are perfectly tailored to the needs of IT professionals while meeting high standards. Such ideal working conditions contribute to increased productivity and creative development.
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Jan Golonka
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As a rule, we value simple and modern solutions that make running and expanding a business easier. Flexible office spaces align perfectly with modern life trends. Complete and professional office service is a value as it significantly simplifies daily operations and allows for more efficient use of our time. We are a growing mid-sized company, and having an ample office space provides access to various types of rooms – from extensive common social areas to conference rooms and individual workspaces. This setup facilitates productive collaboration, and everyone can find a convenient spot for themselves.
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Eugen Sinkevich
Coherent Solutions
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Looking for a co-working space for our employees we found Business Link to be a very good option. Good location, modern and fresh office space, nice-looking and comfort common areas were the obvious reasons for us to begin the conversation with the co-working. During the negotiation of the contract terms Business Link Sales Team was very responsive and able to find a solution for every item we discussed. As many software development companies today, we apply the hybrid work mode when employees mix work from home and in the office.
Our mission - we also have ambitions

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We also have ambitions to make it the best workplace for our employees. You can count on us for support and mentoring (if needed) and plenty of room for personal growth (if you're ready for it). As a company within the Skanska Group, we prioritise equal opportunities, and the health and safety of our employees are paramount.
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Please read what our employees have to say about us.

My adventure with Business Link began in 2020, when I joined the Green2Day location in Wrocław as a receptionist. After two years, in August 2022, I moved to Warsaw, where I joined the HR team. Here, I not only deal with recruitment, but also participate in inspiring projects that constantly develop my skills and competences.
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Tomasz Kokot
Human Resources Specialist
I have started working in BL over 5 years ago. I was intrigued by the range of services and the innovative approach to using the office. The company offers stability and the possibility of continuous development. My skills in team management and sales are fully used in my daily work. BL supports work-life balance. It's a great place for people who want to make their own decisions and are looking for challenges.
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Jacek Bednorz
Head of Leasing and Customer Care
I started working at Business Link in the Customer Care Team and at that point I didn't think that I would work in the purchasing department. Step by step, I managed to go through the next stages of action, and the skills and experience that I have already gained will not be taken away from me. I am sure that they will pay off in the future.
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Marcin Dobies
Procurement Expert
I started working in the Customer Care team in Warsaw in February 2023. During this time, I managed to develop various soft skills, learn how to manage an office building, and even discover new traits of my character. What I like most about my job is the contact with many different people and the fact that no day is clichéd. At Business Link, I value a good atmosphere and friendly relations based on mutual respect, support and help.
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Beata Sierka
Customer Care Team Leader
I started my work as a Junior Customer Care Expert, and among my many responsibilities was building and maintaining relationships with customers. What surprised me the most was the relaxed atmosphere that prevailed in the Business Link Marathon. After a year and a half, the nature of my work changed and I became part of the Leasing team. Thanks to my new role, I was able to learn about the specifics of the real estate market and develop my sales competences.
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Celina Piasecka
Sales Expert
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