Private office
Private Office
A private office is an enclosed office space equipped with high-quality, ergonomic furniture (desks, armchairs, and cabinets) with independently controlled air conditioning and additional amenities. It ensures the maximum level of security and privacy, whether you need workspace for one or ten employees.

A serviced office is a turnkey office, available immediately, with full service. It has all the necessary elements for effective work, as well as an additional service package that allows you to focus on managing your company and team while we take care of everything else. The space is fully prepared for use, so you don't have to invest your funds in equipment and administration. You also don't have to worry about cleaning, providing coffee, meeting rooms, or printer maintenance. On-site, you can count on the support of the Customer Care team, comfortable interiors designed with great attention to detail, and additional services that will help optimise costs. And if the number of employees using the office is greater than the number of physical workstations, you can expand the service with, for example, the Rotate Package.
Private Office
Serviced office - who’s it for?
Serviced offices are a solution for all types of businesses, whether we're talking about a large corporation, a regional branch of a company, or a sole proprietorship. Here, the starting point is the individual needs of users, as well as the team's work system and model.
How does it work?
As part of the office service, each user has access to a fully equipped private office space, as well as shared spaces and meeting rooms – along with all of our services. The package provides you with a workspace tailored to your needs and comprehensive support, all on a single invoice. If you don't use the office daily, you can also choose the Rotate service.
Handling formalities?
It's easier than you think!
Private Office
What are the benefits?
Collaboration flexibility
Full space service
Front desk services, guest handling, and correspondence management
Fully equipped workshop and meeting rooms
Security solutions - access control, camera surveillance
Convenient locations in major Polish cities
IT infrastructure and services
Customer Care team support
Let's talk the details Let's talk the details