Customer Care
Our Customer Care team provides comprehensive front desk service and is here to assist you when needed. We prioritise your comfort and act as your guide, caretaker, and discreet companion throughout your use of the office space. We will help your employees settle into their new workplace and adapt the space to your team's needs.
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Customer Care
Front desk service at Business Link
First impressions count! The front desk is a permanent feature at each of our locations. At the office entrance, your employees and invited guests will be greeted by a friendly and helpful Customer Care team that will answer any questions and address any concerns. This is where you can communicate additional requests and needs, collect company mail, and handle most administrative matters. We are here for you!
How does it work?

The main information center at the location
Guest and space user assistance
Handling company correspondence
Ongoing support and assistance for trouble-free use of office space
Assistance and guidance on spaces, equipment, infrastructure, and systems made available to clients
Support in preparing the meeting room and using equipment
Handling reports and incidents
Customer Care
Handling correspondence (in the front desk services tab)
We make sure that our clients feel relieved from their daily office duties. That's why we offer correspondence handling services. We receive and provide support in sending ongoing company correspondence in an organised and orderly manner.

At Business Link, you can be sure that your mail is in safe hands, organised according to your needs, and in compliance with the highest confidentiality standards. This way, you don't have to spend your valuable time on it and can focus on your business responsibilities.

We collect parcels in your absence
We hold parcels until the end of the day so you can collect them all at once
We ensure the safety of parcels
We maintain the order and quality of the receipt and handover process
We uphold the highest confidentiality standards
We accommodate additional individual needs
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