The hybrid model has currently become the most popular way of working, appealing to both companies and employees. With the hybrid solution, you gain access to a well-equipped and modern office space that allows your team to work the way they like and need. This service provides the opportunity to maintain high standards and create a flexible work environment, all while reducing overall costs.

As part of our collaboration, clients have the option to combine selected solutions: hot desks, private offices, as well as meeting rooms according to their team's current needs. Manage space reservations, pay for what works best and what you actually use. We will provide you with a good workspace and working conditions tailored to employee expectations and your company's growth!
The hybrid system - who's it for?
Hybrid is a solution primarily dedicated to businesses whose employees work in a hybrid or shift system. Clients choosing this solution are often companies that have given up traditional office rentals but still need a permanent place for regular collaborative work and meetings. Among them are also enterprises still exploring their office work needs to ultimately decide what best suits their employees and is optimal for their office portfolio.
How does it work?
Rotational cards provide access to the office for a larger number of people than the number of workstations purchased for users in the office. On the one hand, this allows employees who want to work from the office to use the space, and on the other hand, it enables better work management and cost optimization. You have access to the office and a full range of services, and you can also use all of our locations.
Handling formalities?
It's easier than you think!
What are the benefits?
Flexible contract and service duration
The possibility to test the best solutions for your company and employees
Always helpful Customer Care team on-site
Full space service
Security solutions – access control, camera surveillance
Fully equipped workshop and meeting rooms
Convenient locations in major Polish cities
IT infrastructure and services
Let's talk the details Let's talk the details