The Corporate service is a solution for the most demanding clients. It allows you to use the entire office sectors or floors exclusively, with tailor-made IT solutions and additional services that we can create specifically for you.

You have the opportunity to optimise both the layout of your office space and the way your teams use it. If the number of employees using the office turns out to be greater than the number of workstations planned, you have the option to expand the service with the Rotate/Hybrid package, which provides more cards than the planned workstations. You can conveniently manage their organisation through the dedicated Business Link application.
Corporate - who’s it for?
The Corporate service is primarily addressed to large companies and corporations with high needs and expectations regarding their office – not only in terms of office space but also in aspects related to team workflow, branding, the use of WELL practices, and additional requirements necessary for the proper functioning of the business, such as security.
How does it work?
You use the office or office sector exclusively. If needed, we can customise the space for you in terms of furniture and branding. You can also use all other services and full-service – just like in a traditional office but on your terms.
Handling formalities?
It's easier than you think!
What are the benefits?
Flexible contract and rental terms.
Office complexes with WELL, LEED, Barrier-Free Facility certification.
The option to customise the space according to the company's branding and individual needs.
The best locations in major Polish cities.
Ongoing on-site support from the Customer Care team.
Security solutions – access control, camera surveillance, and tailor-made solutions.
Access to various types of meeting and workshop rooms, including for exclusive use.
In selected locations, relaxation and regeneration zones are available.
Let's talk the details Let's talk the details