Hot desk
Hot desk
The hot desk is a solution that allows for flexible use of coworking space in each of Business Link's locations. For your business, this means work in comfortable office spaces with access to high-speed Internet, phone booths, well-equipped meeting rooms, workshop rooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen.

Of course, you can also rely on the ongoing support of our Customer Care team, as well as additional office and building solutions that enhance the quality and comfort of your daily work.
Hot desk
Hot desk - who’s it for?
This solution is particularly valued by freelancers, startups, and all businesses whose employees are located in different cities in Poland, and for whom the employer would like to provide the opportunity to work from a modern office.
How does it work?
As part of the hot desk service, users have access to shared space without a permanently assigned spot, much like in traditional coworking. This environment fosters networking while providing the support and assistance of the Customer Care team, along with additional amenities and tools that were, until recently, primarily reserved for large companies and corporations.
Handling Formalities?
It's easier than you think!
Hot desk
What are the benefits?
Modernly designed interiors that will be the showcase of your company
Customer Care team support
Flexible terms and a short notice period contract
24/7 office access
Front desk services, guest handling, and correspondence management
Fully equipped workshop and meeting rooms
Business registration at the business centre address
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