Dedicated desk
Dedicated desk
A dedicated desk is a service for anyone who needs peace for their daily work but enjoys meeting others at the coffee machine. Having your own desk in a private office provides privacy and working conditions conducive to concentration, while still having access to all the amenities of the location.
Dedicated desk
Dedicated desk - who’s it for?
When you need your own workspace in peace and focus, but you want to stay in touch with other users, and when you require a more extensive range of services than you can find at home.
How does it work?
As part of the dedicated desk service, in addition to your private workspace, you receive all the services and tools available to coworking clients, including a flexible contract, the highest standard of customer service, unlimited office access, and interaction with other space users.
Handling formalities?
It's easier than you think!
Dedicated desk
What are the benefits?
Dedicated workspace and your own locker.
Modernly designed interiors that will be the showcase of your company.
Customer Care team support.
Flexible terms and a short notice period contract.
24/7 office access.
Reception services, guest handling, and correspondence management.
Fully equipped workshop and meeting rooms.
Business registration at the business center address.
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