Privacy policy

1. Privacy policy and cookies scope

The data administrator is sp. z o.o. having its registered office in Warsaw at Aleja “Solidarności” 173, 00-877 Warsaw, entered in the register of entrepreneurs kept as part of the National Court Register by the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw in Warsaw, XII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under National Court Register (KRS) Number 000639225, Tax Identification Number (NIP) 5252678508 (hereinafter referred to as “Company”, “we” or “us”).

We are committed to doing the right thing when it comes to collecting, using and protecting personal data. We want you to be sure that your data is safe with us and also fully understand how we use it to offer you better and more personalized services. That is why this privacy and cookies policy has been developed (hereinafter “Policy”), which::

  • defines the types of personal data we collect;
  • explains how and why we collect and use your personal information;
  • explains when and why we will share your personal information with other organizations;
  • explains the rights and choices you have when it comes to your personal information

In connection with our range of services, we want you to clearly understand what this Policy covers. This Policy applies to you if you use our services (referred to in this Policy as “our Services”). Using our Services means:

  • Visiting our Website and using our Services offered as part of its functionality;
  • This Policy also applies if you contact us or we contact you regarding our Services;

Our Services or mobile applications may contain links to other websites operated by other entities with rules and privacy policies explaining how they use your personal information. In such situations, please carefully read these terms and privacy policies before providing any personal data on such websites, because we do not accept any responsibility for the websites of other entities.

2. Personal that data we collect

This section contains information about your personal information that we may collect when using our Services and other personal information that we may receive from other sources.

When browsing our websites or using our mobile applications, we can collect: Information about any devices used to access our Services (including make, model and operating system, IP address, browser type and identifiers of mobile devices);
By contacting us, or when we contact you, or whilst taking part in promotions, contests, surveys or surveys regarding our Services, we may collect:
  • The personal information you provide us each time you contact us about our Services (e.g. your name, surname, contact details), including by phone, e-mail, by post or whilst talking to us via social media;
  • Detailed information about e-mails and other digital messages that we send to you, along with any links you click;

3. Other sources of personal data

We may also use personal data from other sources such as: specialized companies that provide information, our business partners and public records.

  • This type of personal data helps us, among others:  to review and improve the accuracy of our data;
  • improve and measure the effectiveness of our marketing communication, including online advertising.

4. How and why we use personal data

In the table below, we explain in detail how and why we use personal data:

We use personal data to: This means that the processing of your personal data allows us to: Why are we processing your data in this way? Legal basis
Managing and improving our daily business operations  Managing and improving our Services and mobile applications. We use cookies and similar technologies on our websites and mobile applications to improve the quality of customer service.

Some cookies are necessary, so you should not turn them off to use all the functions of our Services and mobile applications. You can disable other cookies, which can affect your user experience while browsing our sites. More information about cookies and how to disable them can be found in the Cookies and related technologies section.

Legally justified purpose


Developing and improving our range of Services, know-how and the way in which we communicate with you. We rely on the use of personal data to conduct market research, as well as to improve our information systems (including security) and our Services. Thanks to this, we can serve you better as a customer.
Detecting fraud and other crimes and their prevention. It is important that we monitor our Services in the context of detecting and preventing fraud, other crimes and misuse of Services.

This will help us ensure that you can safely use our Services.

Contact and interaction with you  Contacting you about our Services, for example, by phone, email, by post, or by replying to social media posts you have posted to us. We want to serve you best as a customer, so we use personal information to provide explanations or help in responding to your communications Legally justified purpose 
Manage promotions and contests in which you participate, including those that we run with our business partners. We need to process your personal information so that we can manage promotions and contests in which you decide to participate.

5. Our legally justified purposes for using your personal data

The places mentioned above where the use of personal data is based on our “legally justified purpose” include:

  • handling the needs of our clients, including providing our services;
  • promoting and bringing our services to market;
  • protection and support of our activities, co-workers, users and co-owners;
  • testing and developing new services, as well as improving existing ones;
  • legal / regulatory requirements

6. How and why we provide personal data to service providers

In this section, we explain how and why we provide personal information to service providers. When we share personal information with these companies, we require them to maintain security and they are not permitted to use personal data for their own marketing purposes.

Service providers We work with carefully selected service providers who perform specific functions on our behalf. These include, for example, companies that help us provide: customer service, technology services, data storage and data merging, payment processing and order delivery. We provide only the personal data to enable our suppliers to provide these services.

Some of the service providers we work with support online media channels where they place relevant advertisements of our services as well as those of our suppliers. For example, you can see an advert about our services when you use a specific social media site or watch Internet TV.

7. How and why we share personal data with other entities

We may share personal data with other organizations in the following circumstances:

  • when the law or public body says that we must provide personal data; when we need to disclose personal information in order to determine, enforce or defend our rights (including the transfer of personal data to others to prevent fraud and reduce credit risk);
    to the organization we sell or transfer (or enter into negotiations for the purpose of selling or transferring) any of our rights or obligations under any contract that we may have with you. If the transfer or sale is successful, the entity that receives your personal information may use your personal information in the same way as we do; to all legal successors related to our business.

8. How we protect your personal data

We know the importance of adequate security and management of personal data. This section shows selected measures we have introduced. To ensure the security of your data, we use computer security, such as:

  • imiting access only for employees who need it to perform their official duties;
  • we enforce physical, electronic and procedural safeguards related to the collection, storage and disclosure of personal data
  • firewalls and data encryption during transmission using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.

However, despite taking appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, we can not guarantee the security of any personal data sent via the Internet to us.

Personal data that we collect from you may be transferred and stored at a destination outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”). They can also be processed by companies operating outside the EEA that work for us or for one of our service providers. If we do, we ensure that we will respect your privacy rights in accordance with this Policy. The most common way in which we do this is by introducing a specific type of contract (more information on the topic can be found here: -eu_en) or through an approved program, such as the Privacy Shield:

9. How long can we process personal data

Your data will be processed so long as the basis for its processing exists, i.e .:

  • in the event of consent being granted until it is revoked, restrictions or other actions on your part limiting that consent;
  • in the event the data is necessary for the performance of the contract, for the duration of the contract and until the expiration of the claims from this contract;
  • if the basis for data processing is in the legitimate interest of the administrator, until you file an effective objection;
  • for tax and accounting purposes, to the extent and for a period of time compliant with applicable regulations.

10. Possibility of choice regarding receiving marketing messages and participation in market research

We will send you relevant offers and information about our Services in many ways, including by email and telephone, but only if you have previously agreed to receive this marketing information.
As part of our Website, by using the appropriate form, you can express your willingness to receive marketing communication from us. At any time you will be able to change your marketing preferences by contacting us, by email ( or in writing (Aleja “Solidarności” 173, 00-877 Warsaw).

We would also like to hear your opinions that will help us improve our Services, so it may happen that we will contact you to conduct market research. You will always have the choice whether or not to take part in our market research initiatives.

11. How we use cookies

Cookies (so-called “cookies”) are IT data – in particular text files – placed by our Website during every visit to the User’s end device, which allows our websites to remember the User’s computer or device and serve several purposes. The entity that places cookies on the Website User’s end device and obtains access to them is the Company. The Website server automatically registers information sent by the User’s browser whilst displaying the website. Server logs can contain information such as network request, IP address, browser type and language, date and time of sending the request. This information allows us to improve the quality of our Services by identifying and storing your preferences and tracking trends, such as the ways in which our websites are searched.

Our website uses the following types of cookies:

Ensuring efficiency 
  • compatibility (e.g., browser type identification);
  • optimization (eg measurement of loading time of Website content);
Session -> cookies are deleted when the browser is closed
Increased safety 
  • checking if the user’s device is logged in securely
    throughout the duration of his visit to the Website;
Session -> cookies are deleted when the browser is closed
Remembering your preferences
  • improving the Website’s operation, for example through personalized content, welcoming or remembering the chosen language;
Session -> cookies are deleted when the browser is closed
Analysis of the Website’s method of use
  • collecting statistics on, among others the total number of visits and references to the Website;
Permanent -> removed after a long period of non-visiting the Website
Feedback from Website Users
  • not displaying one-time notifications after the User has passed to the next subpage of the Website;
  • failure to display cyclical notifications for a defined period;
Session -> cookies are deleted when the browser is closed

Permanent -> removed after a long period of non-visiting the Website

Plugins / widgets
  • sharing the content of the Website on social media platforms;
  • recording user interactions on the Website (for example by using a share counter);
Permanent -> removed after a long period of non-visiting the Website
Providing the right marketing content (in particular online advertising)
  • providing online advertising, which in our opinion is most important to you on our websites and the websites of other entities;
Permanent -> removed after a long period of non-visiting the Website
Measuring the effectiveness of our marketing communication (including online advertising)
  • measuring the effectiveness of our online advertising
    campaigns and those sent via e-maill;
  • controlling the number of ad impressions.
Permanent -> removed after a long period of non-visiting the Website

Cookies placed on the Website User’s end device may also be used by third parties in order to offer users additional functionalities. Using the above tools or widgets may result in the collection of cookies on users’ devices in order to facilitate the use of these websites and to ensure that user interaction is displayed correctly on our websites.

12. Your choice in the field of cookies

Although most web browsers automatically allow cookies to be placed on your computer, the User may prohibit cookies from being received, which means that they will remain anonymous. In this case, please note that by not agreeing to the placement of cookies, the user will not be able to fully use all the functions of the Website. In order to configure the options of your device in terms of agreeing to save cookies and determine the scope of saved cookies, the User can change the settings of the web browser used (in most cases, this option can be found in the Browser Tools or menu).

Please be advised that failure to make changes to the cookie settings by the User means that they will be posted in the User’s end device. In this case, our Services may store information on the User’s end device and access this information.

Information on the management of cookies in individual browsers can be found on pages dedicated to particular browsers:

Additional information about cookie management can be found on websites such as

13. The right of access to data

You have the right to inspect your personal data which we store. For this purpose you can contact us in the manner specified in point 15 of this document

14. Other rights of persons whose data is processed

In relation to your personal data, you also have:

14.1. The right to correct data

If you feel that we have inaccurate or missing information about you, let us know and we will correct it – for this you can contact us in the manner specified in point 15 of this document.

14.2. The right to object

General objection – we will consider your opposition to our use of your personal data. If your rights outweigh our interests in the use of your personal data, then at your request we will either restrict their processing (see section 14.3 below) or delete them (see section 14.4 below).

Opposition to direct marketing – in the event of such an objection, we will no longer use your personal data for direct marketing purposes. As a result of opposition to direct marketing and in the event that we do not have any other legal basis for its use, the processing of your personal data will be suspended within 30 days.

For these purposes, you can contact us in the manner specified in point 15 of this document.

14.3. The right to limit data processing

There are several situations where you can limit the use of personal data, including (but not limited to):

  • you have made a general objection (mentioned in item 14.2 above);
  • you question the accuracy of personal data that we store;
  • we used your personal data unlawfully, but you do not want us to remove it.

For these purposes, you can contact us in the manner specified in point 15 of this document.

14.4. The right to delete data

There are several situations in which you can ask us to delete your personal data, including (but not limited to):

  • we no longer have to store your personal data;
  • you have successfully submitted general objections (mentioned in item 14.2 above);
  • you have withdrawn your consent to the use of your personal data (and we have no other reason to use it);
  • we have unlawfully processed your personal information.

For these purposes, you can contact us in the manner specified in point 15 of this document.

14.5. The right to transfer data

If you would like to receive a copy of the personal information we hold about you, please contact us via the following address:

14.6. The right to lodge a complaint to the supervisory body

We would like to be able to resolve any of your requests and comments, but you also have the right to make a complaint directly to the local supervisory authority if you believe we are processing personal data unlawfully.

14.7. More information about your data protection rights

The website of the President of the Personal Data Protection Office (PUODO) regarding data protection contains more detailed information about your personal data protection rights mentioned above. If you would like to talk to us about these rights in more detail, please use the section below in which we will inform you “how to contact us”.  .

15. How to contact us

If you have questions about how we collect, store and use personal information, contact us


By Post: Aleja „Solidarności” 173, 00-877 Warsaw

You can also contact the Company’s Data Protection Officer by e-mail: