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Business Link hybrid offices – what are the benefits?

The hybrid work model is presently the most favoured and sought-after choice among employees, with companies showing a growing willingness to adopt it. Not just because of their employees' preferences but also because of the specific benefits it brings. Of course, apart from certain advantages, switching to a "hybrid" model can also be a significant challenge and involve the need to make changes to the existing organisation and the nature of teamwork. Significantly, the effective use of the hybrid model also relies heavily on the office. How so? What is a hybrid office and what should it look like? What possibilities does it offer? We will answer these and additional questions in today's article. 


A hybrid office – so what is it?


The office has long been something more than just a place of work. It’s a space for knowledge exchange, relationship building, teamwork, mutual inspiration, and motivation. The expectations of remote and in-office employees differ significantly in some aspects, yet remain the same in others. The hybrid work model, which combines office and remote work, has only emphasised these needs. There’s no indication that the popularity of the hybrid model will decrease, so companies need modern, dedicated solutions and services to help make the most of it. Hybrid offices are certainly among these tools.  


The latest research conducted by Leesman shows that about 94% of companies are already operating in a hybrid work mode, with 50% of them giving employees the freedom to choose which days they work from the office, and 22% of companies plan to use a “third” place to work, such as flexible office spaces. The full version of the report can be found HERE.


A hybrid office, in simple terms, is a workspace that efficiently combines remote and in-person work to make it comfortable for employees while allowing management to optimize and organize team activities. It’s a flexible solution that takes into account the specific needs of a company while relying on well-established standards and services that have been working well for years. A hybrid office may encompass features typical of a regular office, in the form of private offices or coworking spaces, hot desks, or sometimes a combination of various solutions. It takes the form that employees require and evolves along with the company’s and team’s growth. 


The key word in this case is flexibility. Each company is different, with varying requirements, needs, and goals. The same is true for employees. Some perform their duties remotely and only appear at the office every few days or when necessary. Others lack suitable conditions for working from home and willingly use the office. That’s where they work most effectively, with the best conditions and the opportunity for direct collaboration with their team colleagues. So, how can we find a solution that caters to such diverse expectations?  


Hybrid offices – the power of flexible solutions 


First and foremost, it’s essential to emphasiseememphasise-emphasisehat there is no single, universal solution that works well for everyone. There is no one-size-fits-all approach that works equally well in all cases. That’s why it becomes crucial to assess your specific needs thoroughly, analyse individual factors, consider the expectations of particular employees, and then seek optimal solutions based on this knowledge.


One of the critical characteristics of a hybrid office is the flexibility and versatility mentioned above. Thanks to this, it’s possible to reconcile different work models while maintaining control and good organisation. One of the solutions that makes this easier is the “rotate” system available in Business Link. It provides access to a well-equipped and modern office space that allows your team to work the way they like and need. It’s a service that will enable you to combine selected options and solutions, including booking hot desks, private offices, as well as meeting rooms, according to your current needs. Within this system, you manage the space and workstations flexibly, and you pay for what you actually use. Companies that opt for this solution receive a comfortable space for periodic collaborative work and meetings, while on the other hand, they can easily manage the number of workstations depending on how extensively employees want to use the office. Rotational cards provide access to the office for a greater number of people than the actual workstations, assuming that hybrid employees come to the office every now and then and can swap places. This allows for even better work management and cost optimisation.  


A hybrid office is not just an opportunity for flexible workstation management; it is also a modern space specifically designed for hybrid work. In all our locations, the offices offer significant adaptability and a variety of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces. From phone booths and meeting rooms of various sizes to hybrid spaces, semi-open areas, and spacious coworking and event spaces. we ensure that employees are motivated to come to the office and provide them with concrete reasons to do so! 


Hybrid offices – what are the benefits? 


Hybrid offices are designed with employees’ needs in mind. Comfortable working conditions translate into greater efficiency and productivity, which is also of great importance to employers. Similarly, it offers expanded recruitment possibilities and the opportunity to attract top specialists who will undoubtedly appreciate the attractive working conditions. What are some other advantages of using a hybrid office? 


Working from home, coffee shops, or other locations outside the office can be burdensome in the long run. The line between professional and personal life becomes blurred, and building relationships and team communication become much more challenging. A hybrid office helps mitigate these negative effects while providing a sense of freedom and security. It equips the team with the necessary tools, conditions, the opportunity for teamwork and integration, and when needed, spaces for focused work.  


The hybrid solution at Business Link also offers a range of conveniences and new opportunities for management, among which it’s worth highlighting the following: 

  • The possibility to test the best optimal solutions for your company and employees.
  • Savings – one desk serves multiple employees, so you pay only for what you use.
  • The ability to flexibly manage office space and the number of workstations.
  • Access to functional and stylish interiors in office buildings located in the centres of major Polish cities.
  • Guest services, corporate correspondence handling, and Customer Care team support.
  • Convenient access to phone booths, meeting rooms, and workshop spaces.
  • Cleaning service, security.
  • Additional IT services, high-speed Internet connection.
  • High-quality office and multimedia equipment.
  • Fully equipped kitchen and access to a dining area that fosters integration.



The arrangement of space with consideration for the diverse needs of employees, while maintaining a balance between freedom, accessibility, and privacy, is extremely important. A hybrid office provides such versatility – employees can find the ideal place for themselves depending on the nature of their tasks, their well-being on a given day, or their preferred work style. Similarly, when they need regeneration. 


Hybrid offices at Business Link 


As a flexible office space operator, we have been developing hybrid service offerings for quite some time now. We are aware that many companies need new, dedicated solutions that allow for efficient hybrid work. We understand that for a company to function smoothly in a hybrid model, the office must accommodate the needs of teams and eliminate additional barriers. That is why all Business Link offices are located in well-connected office buildings in city centres. So that remote employees don’t need to worry about easy commuting to the office, and that this isn’t a discouraging factor.  


Different challenges will arise from the employees’ side and different ones from the managers’ side. Our goal is to create a space in which both groups can achieve their goals and tasks without any obstacles. As our experience and that of our clients show, this is possible! We encourage you to contact our sales department directly, which will be happy to present available options, provide details about specific locations, and assist in selecting the right services. 

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