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Serviced offices – what are they?

Serviced offices have been operating on the Polish market for over a decade. Despite this, there are still misconceptions and misinformation about them. Therefore, we've decided to summarise and organize the most important information about them.

What is a serviced office? 


Let’s start with the fact that not every company needs its own permanent office, which does not only apply to small entrepreneurs. The key here is the organisation of team work, the nature of the business being conducted, and individual needs. Of course, this does not mean that companies do not need office space at all. On the contrary. They do need them, but ones that are tailored to individual preferences, stimulating growth. Ones that allow for efficient management of space, functionality, costs, and team work. Serviced offices offer these mentioned possibilities. 


A serviced office is a fully serviced, private workspace ready for use. The space is fully prepared for occupancy by tenants who don’t have to invest in furnishings. By signing a contract, they receive a full package of services and amenities that streamline the daily operations of their company. It’s a flexible office space with services that relieve the company of handling guest services, mail, access to meeting rooms, a fully equipped kitchen, furniture, and office equipment. 


The company doesn’t have to worry about office upkeep thanks to the cleaning service the operator provides. Employees don’t have to fret about the printer malfunctioning, running out of coffee, or finding a place to meet with clients. You don’t have to worry about utility bills, Internet, or operational costs. Furthermore, if you notice that your brand is expanding and you need new employees, you can flexibly manage the space by adding new offices, desks, according to current needs and circumstances. An additional feature and advantage of serviced offices is their prestigious location, especially when discussing Business Link serviced offices. These are well-connected, modern office buildings located in city centres, which also contribute to building a professional brand image in the eyes of clients and business partners. 


biura serwisowane we Wrocławiu


Serviced offices are a solution that works well for: 


  • Large corporations and extensive project teams,
  • Regional company branches,
  • IT industry companies,
  • Smaller companies, startups, and sole proprietorships,
  • Companies operating in hybrid mode.


Serviced offices – what are the benefits? 


The main advantages of serviced offices include flexibility in collaboration, the option for short-term leases, and the ability to have a private office that your team can use freely. The same as with the well-equipped and arranged common areas. Furthermore, it’s possible to pay only for actual working hours, rather than a monthly rent upfront, significantly simplifying financial management and cost optimization. A huge benefit and characteristic feature of serviced offices are additional services and amenities such as: 


  • Cleaning service,
  • Front desk service,
  • IT infrastructure and support,
  • Fully equipped and furnished offices,
  • No operational costs,
  • Easy access to meeting rooms, phone booths, comfortable common spaces,
  • Ongoing support from the Customer Care team.


It is safe to say that a serviced office is a “turnkey office” where you have everything you need to organisze and efficiently run your team’s work. This, of course, translates into cost savings. Serviced offices are a relatively affordable option, especially when compared to long-term leasing, considering the many ongoing costs already included in the service. Are there any other reasons why it’s worth considering a serviced office?  

As we’ve already partly mentioned, flexibility certainly plays a significant role. This applies to the contract itself, the term, as well as specific solutions that provide a sense of freedom and enable real-time responses to changes in the company’s operations, market changes, fluctuations in the number of employees, and their expectations. The service package of the service office also includes customer service. At Business Link, our Customer Care team is responsible for this, and they are at your disposal whenever you have questions, problems, or additional needs. We’ve always placed great importance on ensuring that customer care at Business Link is efficient, high-quality, and meets our clients’ expectations. What else can you expect from serviced offices at Business Link? 


Business Link serviced offices 


Our serviced offices are located in the largest Polish cities: Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, and Wroclaw. All of them are situated in modern office buildings owned by Skanska, of which Business Link is a part. This ensures not only quality and high standards but also safe and sustainable solutions designed with the health and well-being of employees in mind. 


biura serwisowane w Business Link


As part of the serviced office offer at Business Link, you will receive: 

  • A private office in a prestigious, well-connected location.
  • A flexible short-term contract that you can modify,
  • All costs and services on a single monthly invoice,
  • Private, lockable office spaces,
  • High-quality ergonomic furniture,
  • Security, cleaning services,
  • The option to work in modern, plant-filled interiors,
  • Technical support and assistance from the Customer Care team,
  • Fast Wi-Fi and secure IT infrastructure,
  • The freedom to use conference rooms,
  • Front desk services,
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen,
  • Office accessories and high-quality equipment,
  • No hidden fees.


To learn more about the detailed terms and collaboration possibilities, please get in touch with us directly. One thing is sure – using Business Link serviced office services will have a positive impact on how your company grows, how your team works, and how your brand is perceived by clients, partners, and employees alike. Learn more about our locations and let’s talk! 



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